Apocalypse for Heat in 2014? Not so fast

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Apocalypse for Heat in 2014? Not so fast

MIAMI – OK, we survived 12-12-12 without an apocalypse and, with all due respect to the Mayans, we likely will get past Dec. 21, as well.

So let’s instead move on to the catastrophe some are forecasting for the Miami Heat for 2014-15, when the most onerous sports luxury tax of any generation goes into effect.

The initial forecast of doom was offered recently in a well-crafted piece on SI.com, about the season when the NBA’s recidivist tax takes effect.

Yahoo’s thought-provoking Ball Don’t Lie blog took over from there.

Yes, doom could be looming for teams with top-heavy payrolls such as the Heat, with over $61 million in committed salaries in 2014-15 (provided they don’t opt out) just for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

And, yes, in 2014-15, the penalty for a team in the tax for a fourth consecutive year, as the Heat will be, features an additional onerous tax penalty.

So based on where the Heat’s payroll is projected for that season, the tax bill has been forecast by some to run as much as the actual payroll itself.


Except when the most onerous aspects of the luxury tax go into effect in 2014-15, the NBA will not be operating as it currently does.

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