Chris Bosh seeking to play more aggressive

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Chris Bosh seeking to play more aggressive

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – It was a rare occurrence for Heat center Chris Bosh.

On Thursday, he was the primary player while teammates Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were secondary.

Bosh was more aggressive against the Portland Trail Blazers, which is something the Heat would like to become a trend.

“My approach is the same every game,” Bosh said.

“Of course, I want to be able to be effective on both ends, make an impact. [Thursday] was more just making an effort to do it, I guess. Most of the time, you really got to be proactive in those areas. As long as I’m thinking about it constantly throughout the whole game, it works better for me.”

Bosh said he continues to deal with stretches where he plays with less aggression. He took a team-high 18 shots against the Trail Blazers, finishing with 29 points.

“Sometimes I find myself just being out there playing hard but kind of not really thinking about being effective,” Bosh said. For me, it helps when I’m thinking about it constantly because it puts pressure on me to constantly produce.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said he likes the idea of Bosh being more aggressive, especially in the paint. Bosh scored the bulk of his points against Portland in the post.

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By Shandel Richardson

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