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Miami Heat trade rumors: Chris Bosh trade being explored?

Miami Heat trade rumors about a Chris Bosh trade seem to keep popping up around the NBA.

A trade like this would certainly shift the dynamic in Miami and it would help the team to get under the salary cap in coming seasons.

Marc Stein, according to a report from Saturday (Jan. 19), is pointing out that a deal that includes Bosh is unlikely though.

While it is true that Miami has been having trouble rebounding at times and Bosh isn’t getting to the double-digit numbers that fans would like, he is still a very important part of the team.

Fantasy basketball owners might really enjoy a Bosh trade because his numbers would likely be a lot better on a team where he wasn’t the third or fourth option on offense.

The reality of the situation is that these Miami Heat trade rumors just don’t ring true when they are put under the microscope.

Bosh has spurts where he plays really well for the Heat and he is still an important role player for this team.

The team has one title with him as a starter already and there seems to be no urgency to make changes to the current roster.

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