Former teammate Jerry Stackhouse offers Dwyane Wade wise words

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Former teammate Jerry Stackhouse offers Dwyane Wade wise words

MIAMI – The scene was often the same after each practice two seasons ago.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and then teammate Jerry Stackhouse would work on post-up moves.

It was Stackhouse’s way of preparing Wade for playing basketball after turning 30. Wade said the experience was beneficial in helping him become a better player.

“I was kind of mad he couldn’t stay longer because I was trying to take all his tricks,” Wade said of Stackhouse who was waived after a month on the roster.

“He has a lot of veteran, savvy things that he does, especially in the post. I enjoyed it.”

Stackhouse, now with the Brooklyn Nets, said Wade, 30, has to begin thinking about being a smarter player as he ages.

He went through a similar transition when he transformed from athletic guard to 3-point shooter. Stackhouse is shooting 56 percent (15 of 28) from the arc.

“I think he’s starting to experience it now,” Stackhouse said of Wade.

“He’s not able to jump over guys. It’s just about being smarter. He’s tremendously smart. I think the transition for him will be easy. It’s tough. In my mind, I still think I can do everything that I did when I was 25. In actuality, I can’t. It’s just about trying to figure out your spots.”

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By Shandel Richardson

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