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Miami Heat rumors: Greg Oden signing imminent? (Video)

Fresh Miami Heat rumors about a Greg Oden signing have surfaced. According to a report from CBS Sports on Tuesday (Jan. 29), it is the Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers leading a charge to bring Oden back to the NBA.

Oden still hasn’t played in a game since 2009 and has suffered through several knee injuries in his NBA career already.

Despite all that, he still has youth on his side and he still has the height and size to make an impact in the low post.

This is something that could make Heat fans very happy to see if he could just stay healthy enough to deserve a new contract.

As Portland Trail Blazers will attest, having Oden on the roster was an extremely frustrating experience.

There were times when he looked like he could become the closest thing to Shaquille O’Neal that the league had seen. Other times, he seemed like a fragile player who was just one injury away from never walking again.

At just 25, Oden could have a lot of basketball left if he can keep from re-injuring his knees again.

During his time in Portland, he averaged 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks in limited minutes, showing that he could be a really good role player still.

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