Heat’s Ray Allen says don’t hate the player, hate the team

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Heat’s Ray Allen says don’t hate the player, hate the team

Ever since Ray Allen left the friendly confines of the Boston Celtics for the much-hated Miami Heat, he’s felt some backlash from the Celtics players and fans.

Paul Pierce took it in stride, saying that he was “a little bitter that he went to Miami, but he’s still a brother of mine.” Kevin Garnett said he didn’t have Ray’s number anymore because of a personal choice he was making about the situation.

And some of the fans have thrown around the word traitor for the future Hall of Fame shooting guard who spent five of his 16 seasons in the NBA on the Celtics.

Allen was asked on WMEN in Miami with host “Big O” (Orlando Alzugaray) how he’s dealing with the negativity from Boston because he chose to play in Miami (via SportsRadioInterviews.com):

“Well it was just really a shame because on one hand you could say so many great things about me as a player and my impact on the floor, and not only on the floor but off the floor, like we did so many great things in the community – not only as a team, but as individuals – and that was my community and I support it as much as I could. We had some foundation initiatives that we still continue to do, so that doesn’t change me.”

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By Zach Harper

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