How Ray Allen’s Usage With The Heat Differs From His Time In Boston

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Miami Heat: How Ray Allen’s Usage With The Heat Differs From His Time In Boston

By now it’s safe to say that Pat Riley’s decision to target Ray Allen in free agency was an intelligent one.

While his struggles to adjust to Miami’s defensive philosophy of constant ball pressure and tight rotations have been well documented, on offense Allen has played some of the most efficient basketball of his Hall of Fame career, with production that should overreach the Heat organization’s wildest expectations.

Allen is averaging the fewest points per game of his entire career, but shooting three-pointers more accurately than ever before.

His PER is fourth highest on the team (higher now than it was at the end of every year in Boston), and his general effectiveness within Miami’s already colossal offensive attack is making things feel borderline unfair.

It’s a small sample size, but in clutch situations Allen has been deadly this season, scoring 22 points on 70% shooting from the floor when Miami is either tied or trailing by five points with under three minutes to go.

Just two months into the season, he’s already pushed three games in Miami’s favor with the flick of his flawless wrist (thanks for coming out Denver, Cleveland, and San Antonio’s backups).

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