How The Charlotte Bobcats Matchup With The Miami Heat

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How The Charlotte Bobcats Matchup With The Miami Heat

Don’t let the headline fool you. The Charlotte Bobcats do not matchup with the Miami Heat at all.

But this is the start of a short series, where Roberto Gato will preview how well (or not) the Bobcats matchup with each team in their division.

Since the Heat are the best in the Southeast, they just get the distinction of being first in the series.

The Bobcats aren’t better at any position than the Heat, unless they back away from their promise to use Chris Bosh at center more often. I don’t care what anyone says, Brendan Haywood is better than any true center Miami can throw out there.

Ramon Sessions matches up with Mario Chalmers pretty well. But, Kemba Walker should be the Bobcats PG this year, and he’ll see more time running with Chalmers than Sessions.

Gerald Henderson can hold Dwayne Wade for minimal stretches of games, and it’ll be fun to watch Michael Kidd-Gilchrist go full throttle at LeBron James, but there’s no way the Heat lose that battle.

Bosh vs anyone the Bobcats have at power forward will be a sad, sad thing to watch. Hell, Bosh plays center, I don’t have faith in any Bobcats PF to hold his own against Udonis Haslem.

The Bobcats really did almost beat last years World Champions in the early goings of the lockout shortened season, but don’t expect Charlotte to come close this year.

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