Inconsistency of Miami Heat teammates is making LeBron James work too hard

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Ethan Skolnick: Inconsistency of Miami Heat teammates is making LeBron James work too hard

LeBron James entered the world 28 years ago Sunday and, like every other baby born before and since, it’s likely that he did so crying.

Yes, he’s fully human, even if it doesn’t always seem so, when he shakes off ankle twists that would sideline others for days, or when he decides that bicycling several miles back home after an intense NBA contest is the best way to beat traffic.

And so, of all that occurred during the Heat’s bloody back-to-back in Detroit and Milwaukee – games dropped by a combined 29 points – the one development that matters most in the long run was James finding himself so short of wind Saturday that he called for a brief breather.

“He expended a great deal of energy,” coach Erik Spoelstra said the 104-85 loss, which included a 35-14 deficit in the fourth quarter.

“I mean, how many times have you seen him need to come out at the end of the third, with a couple of minutes to go?”

James played frenetic and furious in that third quarter, trying to will the Heat back from a 12-point deficit, and he attributed his exhaustion (“dog tired”) to that effort, as well as to the fourth game in five nights, the first a featured showcase against Kevin Durant and the Thunder and the last three on the road.

So perhaps it’s just a schedule blip.

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By Ethan J. Skolnick

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