Intimidation factor lacking for Heat

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Richardson: Intimidation factor lacking for Heat

MIAMI – Dwyane Wade earlier this season referred to it as like a young Mike Tyson entering the ring.

LeBron James said they won games on fear alone.

They were speaking of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, perhaps the most dominant team in NBA history. As talented as that team was, it had an even greater component.


“You talk to the older guys who played back then and they can kind of tell you that they won it off strictly intimidation,” Wade said before the season began.

At some point this season, the Heat need to adopt this approach. The Bulls won big. They won early.

And Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, ice bags on their knees, were telling jokes on the bench by the fourth quarter.

This is not saying the Heat are anywhere in the class of those Chicago teams, but the potential is there to at least act like it. They have the game’s best player in James.

They have Wade, who is still a top-10 talent. And Chris Bosh is on pace to be the team’s third starter in the All-Star Game.

Yet the Heat have absolutely no fear factor, because they are lacking in the intimidation department. Not a good look for a defending champion.

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By Shandel Richardson

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