Lack of Height Could Be Costly as Season Progresses

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Miami Heat: Lack of Height Could Be Costly as Season Progresses

Miami Heat fans are starting to worry. They have every reason to, as their team has yet to string together four solid quarters of basketball all season.

Their lack of height is proving to be costly. Chris Bosh stands tall at 6’11”, but he isn’t built like an NBA center. The only other two guys taller than 6’9″, Josh Harrellson and Dexter Pittman, rarely see playing time.

Miami does not possess that big presence inside to scare other teams away. The Heat are obviously the team to beat in the league, but they intimidate no one right now.

More and more teams are starting to figure out ways to beat them. The opposition is realizing they can shoot more from the outside against Miami and put big guys down low to box out and dominate board play.

Against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Heat were out rebounded 17-3 in the first quarter alone. Kevin Love had nine rebounds himself in that quarter. The sub-par quarter was one of many for the Heat this year.

They often play down to the level of the opposition. I say down not to degrade other teams, but simply because the Heat have two of the top players in the NBA.

It is unacceptable for guys like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to look like they’re not trying.

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