LeBron James Is Right: He Is Underpaid By The Heat And Nike Too

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LeBron James Is Right: He Is Underpaid By The Heat And Nike Too

LeBron James spent two years digging out of the hole he put himself in with his ill-fated “Decision” TV special and “Not two, not three, not four” summer 2010 Miami pep rally where James predicted eight championships for the Heat.

James had a historic 2012 when he led the Heat to the NBA title and the U.S. men’s Olympic team to the gold medal in London. He was awarded the MVP award for both the regular season and the NBA Finals.

His jersey was the NBA’s best seller and he won Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year” award. James was rebounding in the court of public opinion.

But for every two steps forward James and his redemption take, he moves one step back. Friday was one of those days.

Speaking to reporters in Indianapolis before the Heat squared off against the Indiana Pacers, James said: “I’ve not had a max contract yet, it’s a story that’s been untold. I don’t get (credit) for it.” He continued to discuss the NBA’s salary structure.

“It doesn’t matter to me, being the highest-paid guy in the league,” James said. “What I do on the floor shows my value. At the end of the day, I don’t think my value of what I do on the floor can be compensated anyway because of the CBA if you want this truth. If this was baseball, I’d be up there.”

LeBron-haters quickly lashed out at their favorite target after James’ remarks. They cited the absurdity of someone implying they were underpaid at $17.6 million a year for playing a game.

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