LeBron James, Miami Heat Need To ‘Reinvent’ Themselves To Repeat As Champions

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LeBron James, Miami Heat Need To ‘Reinvent’ Themselves To Repeat As Champions

Miami Heat head coach Erick Spoelstra does not want history to repeat itself. Back in 2006, the Heat won the NBA title and then defended that title by getting swept in the first round in 2007.

The Heat won the NBA title this past season with LeBron James capturing his first championship ever. The common sentiment is that now it’s going to get easier for LeBron and the Heat to keep winning championships because the pressure will be less.
That’s just not true.

“If we learned one thing from the 2006 title, it was that you need to continue to reinvent yourself and improve as a basketball team,” Spoelstra told the Sun Sentinel.

“That year we brought the exact the same team back, we thought it would be the same path and same journey. It never is.

“It’s always going to be different. And we ended up losing the first round and we were swept in four games. Another year later, we only won 15 games and we were the worst team in basketball and that’s how fragile this game can be.”

The 2012 team isn’t built the same way the 2006 team was. The 2006 Heat team was one of the worst teams to ever win a title and practically stole the title away from the Dallas Mavericks with a lot of help from the referees.

Shaquille O’Neal was very much on the decline and there was not a lot of support around Dwyane Wade.

The expectations for the Heat when LeBron came to town was to win multiple titles. One title would be considered a failure. Even two will not be enough.

The Heat have already been to the Finals in each of the first two seasons since acquiring LeBron but Spoelstra is right, it isn’t going to get easier.

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