Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh on rebounding slump

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Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh on rebounding slump: ‘I realize I have to do better’

MIAMI – Here is Shane Battier’s scouting report of Chris Bosh’s performance Monday night:

“Chris was awesome because he undersold the performance,” the Heat’s Battier said of his teammate.

“A lot of times. … you tend to go for the bravado. He undersold it, which was the key. I don’t think anyone’s ever done Barry White like he did.”

Bosh was the star of Battier’s Celebrity Karaoke Contest, an annual event to raise money for his foundation.

Bosh took the stage with a fake goatee and a pillow stuffed under his shirt before belting out the soul singer’s hit, “My First, My Last, My Everything.”

“The smart money was on CB,” Battier said.

But that hasn’t been the case recently on the court, not when it comes to rebounds.

Perhaps Bosh needs to keep another Barry White song in mind when he’s pursuing a ball off the glass: “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Bosh is not backing away from criticism of his work on the boards, saying Tuesday, “I’m big. That’s fair.”

His numbers have declined all season, starting with 8.4 rebounds per game in October/November, to 7.3 in December and 4.9 through the first nine games this month.

Meanwhile, the Heat have sunk to last in the league in raw rebounding numbers, averaging 38.8.

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By Tom D’Angelo

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