Miami Heat center Dexter Pittman remains studious, patient on bench

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Miami Heat center Dexter Pittman remains studious, patient on bench

Dexter Pittman is using his limited playing time wisely by taking a studious approach on the Heat bench and working hard in practice.

There are hundreds of millions of results if you do an Internet search for the word Dexter. Above all else, you’ll find recaps, images and spoilers for the hit TV series that uses Miami as a backdrop.

Scrolling down, you’ll find mentions of his flagrant foul on Pacers’ Lance Stephenson during the Heat’s playoff run last season.

You won’t find Dexter Pittman, all 6-11 1/2 of him, sitting patiently on the Heat bench in any search. The most towering member of the roster is waiting for his number to be called behind the biggest names in the game.

“When you’re surrounded by greatness, you have no choice but to work like you’re great,” Pittman said at Friday’s practice.

He said it’s surprising with a locker room rich with talent led by LeBron James (the leader in Eastern Conference All-Star voting) that there’s no evidence of soaring egos.

“That’s the thing about our team – everybody’s honest. If we see something wrong that’s not working, that guy pulls him to the side and holds him accountable,” the young center said.

“You forget that you’re playing with the best player in the world.”

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