Miami Heat Hopefuls: Could 14th And 15th Players Actually Serve A Role

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Miami Heat Hopefuls: Could 14th And 15th Players Actually Serve A Role?

I have spent far too much time discussing what borderline roster players will play their way onto the Miami Heat’s opening day roster.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, so at least we’re on the right track.

This debilitating condition will need to be treated at another time.

The Miami Heat have already started training camp and we already one week away from the first preseason game, a home meeting with the Atlanta Hawks–one that LeBron James said he’s likely to play limited minutes in, according to ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh.

The training camp and preseason won’t be utilized to see which Heat lineups work the best. Instead, it’ll be used to clear up some rotational battles, as well as finding the last two players to fill out the roster.

Miami currently has 20 players signed, but only 13 with guaranteed deals. They’ll have to whittle it down to 15 players by the start of the season on October 30th.

The players competing for those two final spots will be center’s Mickell Gladness and Josh Harrellson, forward’s Jarvis Varnado, Rodney Carney and Robert Dozier, and guard’s Garrett Temple and Terrel Harris.

Gladness, Varnado, Dozier and Harris have all been previously linked to the Heat, with Harris being a member of the 2012 championship team. Varnado and Dozier are former draft picks, while Gladness played eight games with the team last year before getting waived in February.

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