Miami Heat’s Dynasty Pipe Dreams Hinge on Dwyane Wade-Erik Spoelstra Drama

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Miami Heat’s Dynasty Pipe Dreams Hinge on Dwyane Wade-Erik Spoelstra Drama

For the first time in two-plus years, the fate of the Miami Heat rests in the hands of Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade more than it does LeBron James.

LeBron is still the MVP of this team, but the Heat are never going to actualize their dynasty ambitions as a ruptured unit. And right now, this unbreakable convocation suddenly appears brittle, at least from the sidelines.

It’s not just about Miami getting manhandled on the glass (40-23) by the Utah Jazz en route to losing their sixth game in 10 tries.

It’s not just about the team playing sub-.500 basketball (8-9) on the road. It’s not even about the Heat ranking dead last in rebounds per game (38.6).

It’s about the frustrations that have clearly mounted on the sidelines to the point where faith in one another is seemingly fractured, bordering on nonexistent.

Miami was down by as many as 21 points against the Jazz, but it battled back, nearly stealing the game in the waning minutes.

However, the Heat came up short. James’ 32 points weren’t enough, and the team left Utah with another loss under its belt.

That loss wasn’t important, though – how they got there, how they finished the game was.

Coach Spoelstra benched Wade for the entire fourth quarter of this near comeback, and Chris Bosh himself played just 40 seconds.

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