Southeast Division Season Preview

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Southeast Division Season Preview

I have the easiest division out of all my colleagues because it is fairly obvious who will win this division. The Miami Heat are the clear favorite to win the division, the conference, and an NBA championship. No sensible NBA fan can detest to the previous statement.

However, this article will focus on how the teams of the Southeast Division will fare in this first 82 game season since the lockout.

First, this division may fair to have the biggest win-loss drop compared to the rest of the divisions. What I mean by that is that two of the five teams will indeed perform significantly weaker than they did last season.

With the departure of arguably the best big-man in the league, Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic will dramatically struggle and will rival the horrible season the Cleveland Cavaliers had after the departure of their franchise player LeBron James.

Including the departure of Dwight Howard, the division lost another All-Star, Joe Johnson, after the Atlanta Hawks traded away their leading scorer to the New Jersey Nets. The Hawks will indeed face a decline this season.

The other two teams, the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Wizards, were easily among the worst teams in league last year.

To add more fuel to the fire of inferiority, the Bobcats were statistically the worst team in league history when they won only seven games out of 66 games, a winning percentage that severed the previous low for scrubbiness.

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