Spoelstra explains rotation with Lewis, Miller

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Spoelstra explains rotation with Lewis, Miller

WASHINGTON, D.C. – So how does Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra round out his 10-man rotation from game to game? Apparently it’s a case of who measures up.

Tuesday, after practice at McDonough Gymnasium on the Georgetown campus, before the Heat departed for Wednesday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets, Spoelstra expanded on his decision to play Rashard Lewis for the first 9:14 of Sunday’s second quarter against the Boston Celtics, while not playing Mike Miller at all in the double-overtime loss.

“That’s where that last, 10th spot is right now, for the time being, between Mike and Rashard,” Spoelstra said.

“And it’s dependent on who we’re playing. If we’re playing a little bit of a bigger team or a bigger [small forward], it gives us a little bit more balance with that unit, to have Rashard.

“Obviously, Mike has been giving us great minutes and when we can play small with he and Ray [Allen] and Norris [Cole], with Shane [Battier], then we go with that.”

Even in going extended stretches without Lewis, Spoelstra said there remain games when Lewis is the preferred fit.

“Against the Lakers, where they were big, with a big three and a big front line, Rashard gave us good minutes in that game,” said Spoelstra, who also cited quality play with Lewis during Sunday’s second quarter, his lone stint of that game.

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