Steve Nash primed for title run after Dwight Howard trade

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Steve Nash primed for title run after Dwight Howard trade

It’s hard to believe anyone could be more excited about the Dwight Howard trade than Steve Nash.

Suns fans don’t want to hear it, but if the Lakers weren’t on the short list of title contenders before the deal than they surely are now.

Aside from age and injuries, the biggest argument being made against the Lakers’ title hopes these days seems to revolve around the fact that these pieces will need some time to gel as we saw with the Miami Heat and their often bumpy first season together.

Yet that Miami squad held a 2-1 lead in the Finals and came perhaps a couple of bounces away from being a two-time defending champion.

Especially early in the season it may take some getting used to, but where I feel the Lakers will have an advantage over the Heat in integrating stars used to being “The Man” is in the fact that their pieces seem to fit together better than those in Miami with Bron and Wade often playing the Dueling Banjos routine in that first year.

There’s no question that the usages rates for Kobe, Dwight and Nash will all go down – and Pau already wasn’t getting enough touches as things were – but unlike Miami and its pair of all-world wings the Lakers have the consummate point guard in Nash, the lethal scorer in Kobe, the uber-elite defender/dunker in Howard as well as a smart star-caliber power forward in Gasol that all thrive in different ways.

I’ve always felt that Howard would be the perfect teammate for Nash, and he should be a much better complement than Bynum.

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Posted by Michael Schwartz

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