Top 10 Shooting Guards

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NBA Season Preview: Top 10 Shooting Guards

Shooting guards in today’s NBA are a mixture of the former top dogs and new emerging stars. One common similarity of all these players are that their team depends on them to score them points and be leaders on their teams.

Here are the Top 10 shooting guards heading into this season.

10) Kevin Martin, Houston Rockets – “The Forgotten One,” last year he was a little banged up but he is a weapon on the offensive side of the ball. He’s played for the Kings and now the Rockets in his career and has never gotten credit for his talents. If the Rockets make the playoffs this year, he will have a big say in it.

9) Eric Gordon, New Orleans Hornets – Gordon barely saw the floor last year and in his brief career has had hard times staying healthy. When healthy he has shown flashes of superstar ability. He just signed a huge max contract with the Hornets this off-season, and if he can stay healthy we will finally be able to see if he live up to the hype.

8) Monta Ellis, Milwaukee Bucks- Probably one of the best pure scores in the league. He is in his true prime right now however, I wonder if he will turn all his talent into wins for his team. He is the key to the Bucks success this season I feel.

7) Paul George, Indiana Pacers – The youngster of this group, George is only 22 years old and still a very raw talent. In his second year last year he made huge strides so I’m expected a lot from him this year. He is physically and athletically freakish; if he puts it all together, watch out for the Pacers.

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by Phil DeMeo

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