Wade still looking for his shot, his rhythm

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Wade still looking for his shot, his rhythm

The mistake, Dwyane Wade said, was going public with his intent of hiring a shooting coach this offseason.

“So many people starting calling me after that. Everybody was trying to work with me. I had to call my agent to make it stop,” the Miami Heat guard said with a laugh amid his book tour, which Saturday included a stop at the Dolphin Mall to autograph copies of “A father First: How my life became bigger than basketball.”

The reality, Wade said, is what he really needed was a catching coach.

In the wake of a season where he felt his jumper got away from him, Wade said upon further review it was not as much about how he was shooting the ball as how he was going through that motion.

Now, with training camp three weeks away, he believes he has a grasp on the situation.

“I have one of the best mid-range shots in the league,” he said. “But, obviously, when you have different injuries, it makes you change a little bit. So it’s just about getting back to that comfort of it and finding out where you are now.

“My midrange game is very important to me. The biggest thing is coming out of my pull-up without losing the ball and just making sure it comes through my hand the right way. When it comes to my shot exactly, I don’t have a bad shot. There’s other reasons why I come up short a lot. So it’s just trying to work the kinks out.”

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Ira Winderman, Sun Sentinel Columnist

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