Who Has Bigger Problems to Fix, Miami Heat or New York Knicks

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Who Has Bigger Problems to Fix, Miami Heat or New York Knicks?

Two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference this season are the New York Knicks and the defending champion Miami Heat. As longtime rivals, it is only fitting that they rank first and second in the conference, respectively.

However, as well as both squads have played this season, their recent problems have been notable.

New York has considerably cooled down following an 8-1 start, and injuries have started to take their toll on the lineup. The Knicks are still playing fairly well, but their rotation is as close to one put together by Scotch Tape as one can get.

Miami’s issues are a horse of a different color. Despite handily winning last year’s NBA Finals, the team’s struggles in 2012-13 have been puzzling.

After playing some lockdown defense all of last season, both in and out of the paint, the Heat just aren’t the same team anymore.

Unless both teams fix their problems down the stretch, their dreams of a championship will be shattered into thousands of pieces. However, the question presents itself: Whose problems need to be fixed faster?

Let’s start with the Knicks. Their defense has looked superb under head coach Mike Woodson, and they have actually defeated Miami twice this season.

Even more amazing is that one of those wins came without star scorer Carmelo Anthony, who missed the game with a lacerated finger.

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