Why Frontcourt Question Marks Are Irrelevant to Miami Heat Title Repeat

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Why Frontcourt Question Marks Are Irrelevant to Miami Heat Title Repeat

The Miami Heat can’t rebound the ball this season. Twenty NBA teams grab a larger share of misses on the defensive glass, according to Basketball-Reference, and the team’s “center,” Chris Bosh, is rebounding at his worst rate since his rookie season.

Such numbers naturally lead to questions about whether Miami’s personnel will be able to overcome such a disadvantage and win another title.

But focusing on what the team can’t do means overlooking all the advantages it creates by playing the way it does.

The NBA has increasingly moved away from hulking, traditional lineups, and the Miami Heat have been at the forefront of this change.

Teams have been playing small ball for decades, but only recently have they moved from the realm of gimmick to mainstream strategy.

In terms of success, no team has eschewed historical position norms with as few problems as the Heat.

Last season, for example, the Heat finished the regular season as the league’s 10th best defensive rebounding team in terms of rebound rate, according to Basketball-Reference.

This year, however, the rebounding woes are real.

But will they threaten Miami’s chance to repeat?

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