Why LeBron James Is No Longer the NBA’s Biggest Villain

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Why LeBron James Is No Longer the NBA’s Biggest Villain

LeBron James was never comfortable as an NBA villain. The only thing he’s ever actually wanted is for everyone to like him. To be an NBA villain who stands the test of time, one must truly embrace that role.

James tried to at first, after forcing himself into that position by the way he left Cleveland. He’d inevitably lose the 2011 NBA Finals because of it.

As a Cavaliers fan, his false portrayal of an NBA bad guy was initially amusing. While James attempted to embrace a persona as foreign to him as Miami is to Cleveland, he was collectively booed by fans all over the NBA.

That response, during his first season with the Heat, was somewhat therapeutic for me as a native of Northeast Ohio. I’m not necessarily proud of that on a personal level, but it’s only fair I disclose.

This past season, though, James stopped trying to pretend he was the NBA version of Jason Voorhees. He’d win everything imaginable because of that decision, ultimately shedding the title of NBA’s biggest villain in the process.

Here’s what an actual NBA villain looks like.

Bill Laimbeer was an NBA villain. He earned that title by doing things like tackling Larry Bird by his head, clotheslining Michael Jordan in mid-air and punching friendly people like Brad Daugherty in the face.

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By Brendan Bowers

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